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In 7 Hours. With NO Work.

How? Using The 7-Hour Book

First - Why would you want your own book?

Here are a few reasons (of many):

1) You'll be seen as an authority...
  • So prospects contact you - NOT the other way around
  • And your clients can send you more referrals

2) You'll get new opportunities, like...
  • Offers to travel and speak at events
  • Invitations to be on TV, radio, and podcasts
  • Consulting or coaching gigs

Now - What is "The 7-Hour Book"?

The 7-Hour Book is a system that allows you to get your own professionally-published book in just 7 hours. With NO work.

How does it work?

You answer questions on the book over Skype. (7 calls X 1hr./each)

Your answers are then used to create, publish, and market your book.

Everything is done for you - yet you remain in full control.

And the entire process only takes 7 hours of your time (NOT all at once).
That's why it's called, The 7-Hour Book.

What else about The 7-Hour Book?

#1 - Your Book is Done By Experienced Marketers -
NOT Clueless Ghostwriters

  • "Ghostwriters" can't do marketing. All they do is write pretty words.
  • Unlike them, we're experienced at BOTH writing AND marketing.
  • So our team focuses on making your book sound great,
    WHILE ALSO getting the real-world results you want
  • Curious who we are? - Listen to this interview with Nick,
    our team's leader.

#2 - You are Guaranteed to Love Your Book...

  • We promise you will be fully satisfied with your book when it is ready to be printed (the very last step).
  • If you are not, we will pay for you to have your book done by a competitor who charges MORE than we do.

#3 - You Can Afford This On ANY Budget...

  • Whatever your budget, we can help you.
  • Start your book, with a little help from us - for less than $100.
  • Or choose a full 7-Hour Book Plan - with plans starting at
    less than $1,000/month. (4 months)

Still Have No Time For a Book?...

“Come on! You can find 7 hours, even in the busiest schedule,
in order to accomplish something as truly big as getting a book out for your business and generating that recognition...that quite frankly you deserve.”

-- Kalynn Amadio
Author, Speaker, & Entrepreneur

“Can’t say enough about Nick Raithel [Creator of the 7-Hour Book]. Nick is truly the answer to my prayers. He is very knowledgeable and very accessible at the same time. He is willing to spend whatever time it takes to come up with a plan that is in line with your expectations and then makes sure to exceed your expectations.”

-- Reg Singh, CPA
Singh Accounting & Consulting

Recent Books

With Nick's help, you'll be able to craft a message and
you'll be able to craft a great story

-- Gino Barbaro
Author, Coach, & Entrepreneur

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