Made in Venezuela:

My Journey as an
Immigrant Entrepreneur

by Andres Blank

Here is THE book for anyone who’s ever believed they could do the unimaginable. Leading by example, entrepreneur Andres Blank recounts his own achievement of an “impossible” dream.

Blank’s dream begins in Venezuela, where as a young man he achieves early entrepreneurial success. His success is overshadowed, however, by Venezuela’s increasing crime and political unrest. Amidst the desperate climate of his nation, Blank dares to dream of a new life in America.

Made in Venezuela is the incredible true story of how he achieved that dream. A story leading from crime-ridden Venezuelan streets to lecture halls at MIT. And a story that continues into the startup world, where Blank again beat the odds with his company Pixable.

Inspiring and filled with plenty of actionable advice, this is one book that entrepreneurs and immigrants alike will both love. A “must-read” from a man who has achieved the American Dream yet continues to pursue other “impossible” dreams today.

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