Take the First Step to Your Book

With the Book Boost

What is it?
The easy, fast, and affordable way for you to get started on your book. For less than $200, we'll develop your book idea and show you exactly how to turn it into a book. You can then create your book - with or without us.

How does it work?
It's as easy as A, B, C

  • A) The Napkin Session - A one-hour session on Skype. During this session, we'll guide you through a proven process to develop your book idea. Our process will organize your thoughts and any ideas you've written down over the years. Bring the book idea you've written on napkins, post-its, and other loose papers. We'll make order out of this apparent chaos.
  • B) The Book Road Map - A detailed written plan that explains exactly how you can create your book. Like a driver's road map, the Book Road Map will also guide you to your destination. This Road Map will be based on the results of the Napkin Session (A), so you'll receive it after that.
  • C) The Road Map Review - A 30 minute follow-up session on Skype. We'll review your Book Road Map with you, to ensure you know exactly how to follow it.

How much?
Just $175

How do I get started with The Book Boost?
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