Get Your Own Book

To Attract More Investors

In 7 Hours. With NO Work.

How? Using The REI 7-Hour Book

First - Why would you want your own book?

Here are a few reasons (of many):

1) You'll be seen as an REI authority...
  • So investors contact you - NOT the other way around
  • And your partners can send you more potential deals

2) You'll stand out from other investors in your market...
  • Your competitors may have a blog or a podcast - but they don't have a book and the credibility that it brings

3) You’ll get new opportunities, like...
  • Invitations to be on podcasts
  • Offers to travel and speak at events
  • Consulting or coaching gigs

Now - What is "The REI 7-Hour Book"?

The REI 7-Hour Book is a system for real estate investors that allows you to get your own professionally-published book in just 7 hours. With NO work.

How does it work?

You answer questions on the book over Skype. (7 calls X 1hr./each)

Your answers are then used to create, publish, and market your book.

Everything is done for you - yet you remain in full control.

And the entire process only takes 7 hours of your time (NOT all at once). That's why it's called, The REI 7-Hour Book.

What do you get withThe REI 7-Hour Book?

You get 3 Specific Things...

#1 - You get a book to use in attracting investors and opportunities

Your book will be:

  • Created through 7 X 1-hour phone/Skype sessions
  • Done for you - without you having to write any of it yourself (i.e. You do NO work)
  • Fully custom to you as a real estate investor
  • Designed to produce real-world results, like building your authority in the eyes of readers
  • Created by experienced, results-focused marketers - NOT clueless, non-marketer ghostwriters
  • Big enough for you to be taken seriously, without being too big for people to actually read
  • Formatted so there are two versions of it - one for physical print and one for ebook/kindle

#2 - You get expert guidance on marketing your book for real-world results  

You'll be guided with:

  • A written, fully-custom plan on how you personally can get the results you want with your book
  • Hands-on coaching that will show you how to effectively use your book marketing plan

Curious who will guide you? - Listen to this interview with our team's leader, Nick.

#3 - You get guidance from other experts for your non-book, REI needs.

So you'll receive:

  • Access to exclusive educational resources (books, audio, etc.) from each of these experts
  • Opportunities to consult the experts directly (speaking, networking, etc.)

The experts we've assembled to help you with your non-book REI needs include:

  • For your legal needs, including debt financing -- Shawn Yesner, attorney and host of Crushing Debt (podcast)
  • For your property insurance needs -- Darrin Gross, insurance broker and founder of the Commercial Real Estate Pro Network (CREPN)
  • For managing the cashflow from your real estate investments -- M.C. Laubscher, president of Valhalla Wealth and host of Cashflow Ninja (podcast) 
  • For your questions on real estate in general -- Greg McDaniel, host of Real Estate Uncensored (podcast) and real estate broker at McDaniel-Callahan (brokerage)
  • For retirement planning in an REI context -- Brian Albers, CFP, Branch Operations Manager at Raymond James, and multifamily real estate investor

What else about The REI 7-Hour Book?

3 more things you should know...

#1 - You are Guaranteed to Love Your Book...

  • We promise you will be fully satisfied with your book when it is ready to be printed (the very last step).
  • If you are not, we will pay for you to have your book done by a competitor who charges MORE than we do.

#2 - You Can Afford This...

  • A Big Publishing House will do your book for $50,000-$100,000
  • Our service gives you the same, high-quality book for a fraction of that - less than $10,000

#3 - You Could be Turned Away - Because Space is Limited

  • Because this is a new, REI niche version of our popular “7-Hour Book” product - we're starting small with just a few people.
  • That means this new, niche version is limited to just 12 people
  • Once the limit has been reached, your book will have to wait and it may never be completed.

Let's Talk About Your Book

Complete this form to request a complimentary, 20-minute call about your book.

On the call, we'll see if the REI 7-Hour Book is for you - recognizing that it's NOT for everyone.

Still Have No Time For a Book?...

“Come on! You can find 7 hours, even in the busiest schedule,
in order to accomplish something as truly big as getting a book out for your business and generating that recognition...that quite frankly you deserve.”

-- Kalynn Amadio
Author, Speaker, & Entrepreneur